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Introducing Empower

  1. Empower is a Global Technology company that seeks to offer a safer, convenient
    a way for people to manage trade, investments, and access to affordable
  2. Its Empower Wallet innovations create trust for people who don’t know each other allowing for frictionless trade and investments.
  3. Our Digital Overdraft Facility offers a low interest of 1% monthly and instant access on
    an unsecured and secured basis.
  4. All this is boosted by a commitment to unrivaled customer care delivered by well-trained individuals and complemented by Nisa A.I.

Global Impact

  1. Less trade friction leads to bigger business growth, especially in e-commerce
  2. More convenience to people through affordable and higher adoption of e-
    commerce channels.
  3. An end to or significant reduction to scamming.
  4. Lower interest instantly accessed loans lead to better financial inclusion