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Empower Escrow

Empower Digital Escrow promotes the growth, efficiency & safety of online trade; land, houses and car transactions by creating a trust bridge between sellers and buyers. This allows a buyer to send advance payment to a seller either online or brick & mortar stores without fear of loss of funds or wrong items or services. The seller receives the money on their app but cannot withdraw the funds until they deliver the promised product and the buyer is satisfied. The buyer unlocks the funds for the seller instantly from his app and the seller can instantly withdraw his funds to his bank or mobile money account. Buyers can also send milestone based payment whereby they unlock parts of the total payment remotely once the agreed milestone is reached.

Empower Overdraft

Empower Overdraft allows customers making payments to complete transactions even without enough funds by automatically tapping into their set overdraft limit. Customers can also increase their overdraft limits by presenting various collaterals including log books, shares, land titles, crypto assets and investment policies. With a low interest of 1% monthly, these product will enhance digital access to credit by households and small businesses. It will also bring much needed competition to mobile and digital overdraft industry in Kenya ensuring no monopolistic practices that exploit customers.

Wingu Docs

This product seeks to end all physical paperwork in Kenya and the world by solving a few key hindrances which force people to use papers. People can store documents easily but the key feature here is that documents need no longer be downloaded and individuals & institutions just need to share different access rights with anyone or institution and each document retains the authenticity of origination. 

Smart Contacts

This product allows individuals and businesses to initiate execute and share contracts within the Empower eco system with the authenticity of those contracts always guaranteed. 

Bazu Points

A global loyalty system where companies using the Empower Smart App, interface or API buy loyalty Bazu points and reward them to customers for money used or for meeting various milestones

Nisa AI Assistant

An Artificial Assistant which will help individuals and businesses better manage their lives or businesses without the need to hire some types of personnel