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  1. Empower Smart Limited shall be referred through out this terms and conditions as “the company”
  2. Empower Escrow is a digital escrow platform owned and operated by Empower Smart Limited and using the term means you agree to be bound fully by the term and conditions of use set by the company.
  3. That all products within the empower super app are owned and operated by Empower Smart Limited and using them means you accept all terms and conditions set by the company.
  4. Accepting permissions prompts by android means you have accepted all terms and conditions set by the company on the fair usage of the app.
  5. A customer must either fund his escrow wallet by topping up from his mpesa or Bank accounts. We do not accept liquid cash as a means of topping up the wallet.
  6. A customer must accept terms and conditions Every time they use the app to make a payment or to withdraw from the escrow wallet.
  7. The app has confirmation prompts everywhere to prevent transactions by error. Customers are urged to make sure all details are correct before transacting. Errors made by the customers will be borne only by the customer. The company will however strive to assist the customer rectify the error quickly where possible.
  8. A customer can either make a locked payment or an unlocked payment. A locked payment means the sender retains the right to remotely unlock the funds to the payee. Unlocked funds means the payee can withdraw the money to his mobile money or Bank account instantly.
  9. Once funds have been unlocked by the sender means that those funds are no longer under the protection of the company. The transaction is deemed fully completed by the owner and thus the owner bears all responsibility for the unlocked fund. 
  10. A customer can send one payment but broken down to different milestones each with an assigned monetary value. The sender can unlock each milestone payment when satisfied with the fulfilment of existing covenants.
  11. Customers running businesses can buy bazu Points from the app and reward them to customers. 
  12. Customers can earn bazu Points from various businesses. All points from different sources aggregate within a customer’s points wallet. 
  13. A customer can withdraw his accumulated points by redeeming them to the escrow wallet. Each point is equivalent to the currency of the country of the user. In Kenya. 1 Bazu Point equals 1 Ksh. The customer can also use bazu Points to buy airtime from the app.
  14. Customers can give their points to any person within their country. 
  15. All transactions except the funding wallet carries small costs which will be displayed at the point of executing the transaction. To complete a transaction one must have enough funds to cater to the costs on top of the value being transacted. All costs once deducted are non refundable.
  16. All transactions within the empower app are fully automated and our systems have sufficient security and efficiency to ensure all transactions complete as expected, always.
  17. The company Empower Smart Limited temporarily holds payments sent through locked empower escrow until the sender unlocks them from their app and until the recipient withdraws those funds to their mobile money or banks. This also applies to all funds existing within customers’ escrow wallets.
  18. Funds belonging to customers’ wallets are held in our customer reserve funds under specific bank accounts and no funds from these accounts can be used for operational purposes of the business. Funds in these accounts come in and go out without internal interference and a lot of diligence has been made to ensure reserve accounts can’t be hacked nor accessed by directors and staff.
  19. Therefore, all Empower customers are assured that they can access any available balances within their escrow wallets in full instantly day or night.
  20. Disputes between sellers and buyers will be settled by an Empower arbiter who after evaluating the facts makes and enforces a resolution on the matter.
  21. A decision of an arbiter shall be rendered within 48 hours of a dispute arising and reported. A decision made gets enforced immediately if both parties agree with it on the app. If not the enforcement is delayed for 7 days to give the unsatisfied party time to get an injunction from a court of law. If no injunction decision is brought to the company, the decision is enforced on the 8th day.
  22. Decisions of an arbiter can include but are not limited to deciding if money should be reversed to sender or not. Moreover, an arbiter can assign some charges to a buyer before reversing the rest of finds and allocate the charged amount to a seller as compensation for resources wasted.
  23. Empower customers can also hire empower assessors on the app to carry out various evaluation services. This includes but not limited to documents and title verifications, building evaluations among others
  24. All other terms and conditions as laid down by the laws of each country our users reside.
  25. If a seller having delivered an item or service satisfactorily but the buyer refuses or delays in unlocking funds, the seller can request empower to unlock the funds. These will be especially in products where change of ownership ship title takes time. A request received is considered by an arbiter who after evaluating all evidence can unlock the funds together jointly with overseeing officers. This is if the customer has failed for 7 days or more to unlock funds after recieving notice of completion of assignment.
  26. Once a decision has been made to unlock funds paid out, a notice of intention to unlock is communicated to the sender. The notice gives him 7 days to either unlock the funds or to bring a court injuction stopping the planned unlocking of the said funds. If no injuction is received funds are unlocked on the 8th day from when the decision to unlock was communicated.